Francis’ Poem – Inside

Inside by Francis, looking at Mousehole by Dame Laura Knight.

They are picking flowers in the tidy garden.
“Let’s get this done,” they say.
What are they? Ah, daffodils.
It must be Springtime.
And Springtime means cleaning,
There are lots of windows.
Clean each one and then
Display the daffodils.
Golden glances behind each curtain.
It’s quiet and comforting near the busy fishing town
Where the houses hide on the headland.
In the town, where the cottages gather like a fishermen’s’ meeting
It’s crowded, but I think it would be lovely at Christmas time,
Narcissus and mistletoe.
A gentle breeze blows across the rooftops and the chimneys
Of the warm houses.
Inside it is a shelter from the storms that sometimes spoil the nice, neat lines.
Inside they make Star-Gazy pie.

October 2015

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